Funding Strategies of the Foundation

, by fdht

The Human Rights at Work Foundation was created in Geneva by François Beaujolin — expert of 40 years in the fight for economic inclusion and social justice. The Foundation does not intend to play an operational role, rather, it finances, or more often, co-finances activities or projects by other institutions (associations, social actors, etc.) who are directly implicated in the work of protecting labor and human rights in the workplace.

Activities supported by the Foundation favor those that are international in scope – both as pertains to the subject at hand (that must meet the strategic objectives of the Foundation), as well as to the organizations and people involved. These activities must tie back to strategic positioning outlined by the Foundation.

As of September 1st, 2005, the Human Rights at Work Foundation received 230 grant requests (thus approximately 30 or so per year). After reviewing them, the Foundation funded nearly three-quarters of these, thus 160 projects.