Strategic objectives

, by fdht

The principal strategic objectives of the Human Rights at Work Foundation - FDHT

The Foundation supports those organizations and efforts worldwide that defend human rights in the workplace. Following are the two core areas that the Foundation has set as future priorities over the next few years : .

1 –Strengthen the competency of stakeholders in their management of new approaches to economical and social changes

The Human Rights at Work Foundation – FDHT contributes to this process by facilitating the implementation of training courses and of research projects that allow for the development of know-how that can be both capitalized upon and transferred to social and professional domains.

This relates as much to management techniques for organizations of companies in developed countries as to those in emerging markets, often themselves suppliers or sub-contractors. This relates specially to strengthening the competencies and skills of trade-unions and NGOs.

The Foundation also helps to qualify stakeholders:
• Traditional stakeholders (union delegates and staff representatives in the context of social dialogue renewed by corporate social responsibility activities and by new management methods that involve employees in decision-making)
• New stakeholders in the arena of corporate management (NGOs representing various causes, local groups, auditor-assessors especially)

2 – Preference for International Exchanges between stakeholders

The Human Rights at Work Foundation prefers meetings between people and organizations from different cultures: social partners and NGOs from the North, unionists from the North and South, business leaders from the South and unionists from the North, Southern nations and Northern social partners, various social and business auditors, etc.

The Foundation is convinced that these exchanges enrich understanding and expertise for all actors and that such mutual understanding is ultimately the source of progress. This role – supporting an updated social dialogue – rounds out the training for these various actors thanks to the fact that they are now confronted by the reality of implementing corporate social responsibility policies, and not simply paying lip service to marketing trends!
The Foundation supports efforts to co-develop activities amongst diverse actors at the international level.